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Myco Baby - Dragon syrup (200ml)

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MycoBaby dragon syrup has a positive effect on:


  •      strengthen the immune system
  •      frequent respiratory infections
  •      recurrent coughs
  •      as support for allergies and asthma
  •      strengthen the overall energy

The combination of medicinal mushroom polysaccharides and extracts of herbs has the dragon MycoBaby syrup to significantly enhance the body immunity. Since medicinal mushrooms are quite distinctive flavor, syrup is added to high-quality Dutch cocoa, which makes a delicious syrup. Thanks to its effects syrup is suitable only for children but for adults.

MycoBaby dragon syrup contains per dose:

  • 50mg of pure Reishi extract - strengthens the defensive qi, transforms phlegm and stops cough, shortness of breath soothes, calms the spirit, insomnia, allergies, asthma
  • 50mg pure extract of Coriolus - strengthens the defensive Qi, supplements the spleen, liver and kidney, transforms phlegm, moisture, warmth purify
  • 50mg pure extract of Echinacea - reduces susceptibility to illness, she says "natural antibiotic"
  • 20mg pure extract of Acerola - Brazilian Cherry, the most powerful natural source of vitamin C, increases the effect of medicinal mushroom polysaccharides in strengthening the defensive Qi
  • 4 ml rectified grape juice
  • 25mg 100% Dutch cocoa
  • 10mg of vitamin C

The energy value of 1382 g kJ/100